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Castel Gandolfo

Castel Gandolfo is a castle located in the small town of the same name in the Lazio province in Italy. It is situated on the Lake Albano only 30km away from the Italian capital of Rome. Castel Gandolfo with the population of nearly 9,000 people is at the same time a summer residence of the Pope. Founded by the Romans more than 2000 years ago, Castel Gandolfo preserved a lot of evidence of different eras, cultures and civilizations. The economy of Castel Gandolfo is based on the agriculture, in particular, wine production. The second most important sector of the town is tourism. Due to the influx of tourists there are developed service system and commerce. One of the main tourist features of Castel Gandolfo is the speeches of the Pope during his stay here in summer, when many pilgrims come to hear it and all the streets are filled with them.

While visiting Castel Gandolfo tourist here are offered a great variety of accommodations. Here can be found all types of hotels, holiday homes, villas, hostels and other. The most popular hotels of Castel Gandolfo are Hotel Castel Vecchio Castel Gandolfo, Hotel La Culla Del Lago Castel Gandolfo and Villa Dewi Francesca Castel Gandolfo as well as other luxurious hotels and villas located in the Lazio region. Here visitors can account for the best quality of services and qualified staff. You can use such popular facilities as pools, sport centers, restaurants and visit local attractions. One of the main religious monuments of Castel Gandolfo is St. Thomas of Villanova parish church built by Bernini in the 17th century. Also important religious sights are Church of Our Lady of the Lake, Church of Santa Maria Assunta, Church of Santa Maria, Church of San Sebastiano and Church of Santa Maria della Cona. The other main attractions are the 17th century The Pope's summer residence, Cybo Villa, Villa Barberini and Villa Chigi.

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